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Highline is a shower channel with its 3mm thickness and wide frame body which gives it a tough appearance. In the wet areas Highline attracts the all attention thanks to its flamboyant design. Evi accessories provides excellent comfort not only during the installations but also after the installation.

Massive Cover 

Perforated Membrane 

Middle parts of the insulation textile is perforated because of preventing unwanted parts fall to drain.

Gradual Height Adjustment

Thanks to the gradual height adjustment set patented by Evi; no more alignment problems of height and elevation differances occur during installation.                  

Styrofoam Height Adjustment

Produced by polystrene foam for adjusting the height differences.                     

Accessory Parts

Spiral Hair and Dirt Holder

Cleaning Apparatus

Usage Options

 HighLine shower channel can be located different areas with different dimensions
such as in front of the walls, middle of the shower areas etc.


  Simply check the all accessories and optional parts of HighLine.