Point Drain Shower Pan

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46 l/min

Drain Capacity


Cover Options


Drain Outlet

Evi shower pan for point drains is easy to install.
It has a waterproof membrane which is entegrated to pan, guarantees %100 waterproof.
Installing method is extremely easy, it can be set up in a three steps.

Waterproof Guarantee


Pan can be cut thanks to its 1/2" guides, thus suitable for almost every area.

Easy to Install


Measure the area of shower, then cut the shower tray. Sealing membrane does not affected cutting progress.


Spread the sealing membrane to the walls for, maximum insulation. Connect the system using pipe connector and lock them together with locking part.


Surface cover height differances can be tolerated by turning the height adjustment part.

Cover Options

Nova Cover
Unica Cover
Aqua Cover
Greka Cover
Natura Cover
Natura Cover (inox side)

Usage Options


Nova Cover (Inox Side)

4”x4” or 6”x6” inox side usage.


Natura Usage for Ceramics

4”x4” or 6”x6” inox body which is suitable for ceramic tile.


Natura Usage for Marble

4”x4” or 6”x6” inox body which is suitable for marble tile.

All Parts, Inside of Pack


1- Cuttable, Sloped Tray
2- Integrated Sealing Membrane
3- Pipe Connector
4- Locking Part
5- Height Adjustment Part
6- Linear Drain
7- a Roll of Sealing Membrane
8- Inner Edge Sealing Membrane  (4)
9- Outer Edge Sealing Membrane (2)
10- Pipe Collar Sealings
11- Shower Curb